Windows Phone 7 RTM – SharePoint

In a sort of follow-up to the details on Windows Phone 7 and Exchange ActiveSync I’m going through a few SharePoint screenshots. I’m not going into all the features in the new OS, but I thought both of these apps had some enterprise relevance.

I have installed a SharePoint 2010 server in the domain. I just followed through it next-next-finish style in the wizards, and it’s not tweaked in any way. I make the assumption that you’ll either be able to install one yourself, or follow a much better guide than I would be able to hack together if you’re going to test on your own servers.

I’m only concerned with what it looks like device side at the moment:

SharePoint is a part of the Office hub, and can be located through the “Office” icon on the menu.

Flick the screen right or left to reach the correct pane, and tap “open URL”.

This being accessed internally I’m using the internal site name.

Provide your credentials:

Main menu (when running a very basic site with little content):

And it looks like this when opening an item:

It doesn’t look all that jazzed up by default I suppose, but I’m sure there will be possibilities to theme it.

If you want to you can open it in a browser as well, but while it will work it’s less streamlined (this also being the default theme):

Unlike Exchange ActiveSync you will be able to test this with the emulator and not need a physical device. (You need to unlock the emulator image though as mentioned in the last post.)

You can test it internally like I have done here, or test it externally provided the host pc that runs the emulator has the DNS address pointing to the external IP. A thing to be aware of is that publishing SharePoint is not as straight-forward as publishing ActiveSync. For instance if I copy the rule I have in TMG for EAS, (and modify the appropriate properties), I’m informed that SharePoint does not support this authentication mechanism. I have been told by Microsoft that ForeFront UAG is the only supported product for publishing SharePoint Mobile. I know there are probably other third-party products on the market that will do it as well. I also know that I might be able to hack around with the IIS site on SharePoint to make it work. And possibly there is a workaround in TMG as well. I haven’t looked into any of those options though.

I also do not know if there is a demand for doing a guide on how to make it work through UAG. UAG is a complex product, and I’m also guessing there are some guides out there already. If there’s any feedback indicating that it is needed I will of course look into it. (I’m not a UAG guru mind you.)

Windows Phone 7 RTM – Exchange ActiveSync

Windows Phone 7 reached RTM a couple of weeks ago, but it wasn’t publicly available until yesterday (September 16) when the RTM developer tools were released. The developer tools include an emulator running the RTM build, and I thought I could use it for some testing and write down some of the things learned.

The thing I don’t quite understand is that even now the emulator is locked – you can only access Internet Explorer and the apps you deploy yourself. No chance playing around with all the features.

If you do a little Internet search with the word “unlocked” included you will of course find an emulator image that does not have these restrictions. By default it has a rather neutral theme:

I do not know why, but Microsoft has decided not to include any features requiring accounts so you are not able to test ActiveSync in the emulator (or Facebook, etc). This also goes for the unlocked image, and from what I read over at the Windows Phone MSDN forums you will need a physical device for these features.

Fret not, I have access to a developer device also running RTM, and I did some testing with that to see if I could get it working with Exchange.

The device unsurprisingly has no problems connecting to Exchange 2010 SP1, but it “only” supports EAS version 14.0 (Exchange 2010 RTM) at this time. I’m guessing they didn’t have time to support 14.1 since Service Pack 1 for 2010 just RTMed itself. The rest:
Device type: WP
Device OS: Windows Phone7.0.7003
User agent: MSFT-WP/7.0.7003

Since I want to test out features like IRM OTA (reading RMS-protected mails without cradling) this is a shame, though I must admit I do not need this on a daily basis. (Chicken and egg kind of problem. If I was able to put it into a working infrastructure maybe I would use it…) Still easily a month before we see devices being available for purchase so we might see an update before that if we’re lucky. Windows Phone 7 should support FOTA (firmware over the air) so I’m not really worried so far about this not becoming available when it’s ready.

Not that much more to report on ActiveSync at the moment I guess – on to testing other features 🙂

23. November 2010: Update – I’ve posted an article with some more details on Windows Phone 7 vs Exchange: