Update – Hosts File Editor – Version

Maintenance work is tedious, but sometimes it’s a necessary evil 🙂 So I decided to fix some things in my Hosts File Editor (http://mobilitydojo.net/2008/10/09/using-a-hosts-file-on-windows-mobile/).

Hosts File Editor PPC/Pro:
I noticed a small bug while testing on the Windows Mobile 6.1 Classic that made the app crash. I added a try-catch in the proper place, and I think it’s fixed now.
A commenter on the post said it was not possible to run on devices without a physical keyboard, so I added a checkbox to activate/deactivate the SIP. (Software Input Panel.)

Hosts File Editor Smartphone/Standard:
Marco (http://myitforum.com/cs2/blogs/mnielsen/) asked if I didn’t have a version for Windows Mobile Standard devices. I didn’t, but I decided to make an attempt at providing that 🙂 So here you go – see if it works for those of you with that flavor of Windows Mobile.

As always – give me feedback if it doesn’t work, or if it’s lacking in any way. I’m not making promises that I can satisfy what you are asking for, but the Smartphone/Standard version would not have existed if there hadn’t been a request made for it 🙂

Windows Mobile Professional: http://mobilitydojo.net/files/HostsFileEditPro.exe
Windows Mobile Standard:http://mobilitydojo.net/files/HostsFileEditStd.exe