Mobile Video Consumption – Serving it Up

So now we’ve looked at how to produce some content – both experimenting with some output formats and some specific input formats. If you’re still following me here’s the last part in this introduction to consuming video at home and on the go. (I might make follow-up articles but at this point I’m sure you’d like to get started actually doing something.)

There’s nothing wrong with transferring the files to your device through a USB cable or similar, but this is about mobility – what will we do when we aren’t at home and need to watch a video or two? We load the content on a server, and test out the streaming options of course!
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Mobile Video Consumption – Prepping the Input

Following my last article where I started investigating encoding video files for use on mobile devices I’m following up with what could possibly be seen as an appendix to that introduction. I’m not going to write any Expression Encoder tutorials, but I’d like to share a few thoughts around what I do with the specific source material I’m interested in encoding.

I stated that I had three basic input files that for certain would need to be re-encoded as opposed to ready-made files downloaded from the Intertubes:

– DVDs.
– Recorded TV shows from my Windows Media Center (either in WTV or DVR-MS format).
– HD video from my Sony camcorder in AVCHD format.
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Mobile Video Consumption – Making the Files

While I’ll easily admit that a lot of the things I do here at MobilityDojo HQ isn’t what most people find entertaining, (I’ve heard rumors that there are non-technical people who thinks there’s something wrong with activities like sitting up late at night processing Wireshark dumps), I do take some time off the techie stuff and just lie on the bed reading or watching a movie or something. This coupled with the fact that I just got a Samsung Galaxy Tab inspired me to document how I’ve been trying to build an infrastructure for consuming videos at home and on the road. It will be a multi-part article, but don’t worry – I’ll try to make it as simple as it gets Smile

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