Apple, Microsoft, Google–Announcements Galore

It’s been a fairly eventful June this year for us geeks. Apple started off with their World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC), then Microsoft held two guerilla-like press events before Google ends the month with their Google I/O conference. I have tried to look into the most interesting things coming from these events as viewed with the Enterprise mindset and the classic "we love Mobile Device Management" on the tip of my tongue 🙂

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Two-factor Authentication on Mobile Devices

I have a number of things I find interesting when it comes to computers and gadgets, and a recurring theme for me is decent security combined with good user experiences. (That does sound grandiose doesn’t it?)

Lately I’ve been researching this more than usual partly due to building some services in Windows Azure where I want to provide secure and authenticated access. (And I don’t consider myself competent to build a fully hardened solution from scratch just because I know what hashing and salting of passwords means.) While looking into this I came across a nifty product series called YubiKey from, and wanted to share some thoughts on these. If you’ve visited my blog before you might have noticed I’ve already covered client certificates a few times, which of course also meets the definition of two-factor, but this time around we’re looking at hardware for providing the additional factor.

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Anniversary Time – 3 years, 100 posts

It’s anniversary time here at MobilityDojo, so I thought I’d just share a few thoughts and numbers with you. Which of course might be more interesting for me than the readers, but I hope you will be able to bear with me nonetheless. (There’s other good stuff coming soon, so just hang around for that instead if you like.)

I started this web site three years ago this month. The first article appeared 28. August 2008. My first post was primarily intended for a presentation I did at Sybase Techwave, but as it didn’t fit naturally into the PowerPoint format I decided it would make more sense to put on the web as a blog post.

I’ve loved writing for a number of years, so starting a blog didn’t scare me with regards to the writing process. The challenge was that apart from the two first articles I hadn’t really a plan for what I would be writing about after I was done with those. And from reading other people’s sites on the web it was quite apparent that there is a certain risk that blogs are started only to die a couple of months down the road when the initial enthusiasm is exhausted. I had to stick it out for at least a year if I later was to say that I did an effort being a “proper” blogger.
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