about site This site is, as the name implies, about mobility. And when I say “mobility” I think of mobile computers, mobile phones, etc.

To be more specific; I’ll focus on devices running iOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc., and how they relate to the back-end server systems. This could be Microsoft Exchange, Sybase Afaria, and other solutions for PIM & Device Management or just plain old web apps. I’m open to all new smartphone platforms really, but in practice limited to those who are available to me. (The major platforms are available world wide, but I’m sure there’s a couple devices I’ve never even heard of.)

This site is not a news-site where I try to be the first to post about some new gadget coming along, I’ll try focusing on writing deeper technical articles regarding the afore-mentioned products. This could be how-to’s/tutorials or more generic thoughts about mobile technology.

about your host My name is Andreas Helland, I live in Norway, and my day job is as a Mobility Architect both designing and implementing solutions for mobility. I do product development related activites – this could be technical Proof-of-Concepts, product evaluations, prototyping and more. I have previously spent a couple of years in the trenches doing installations/implementations, hosting, and general follow-up of customers so I fortunately have some hands-on experience with the real world as well 🙂

I might seem a little Microsoft-biased with regards to technologies, and have spent some time the past decade achieving the following certifications:
MCSA, MCSE, MCTS (Windows Mobile 5, Exchange 2007, Windows Mobile 6.5 Application Development, Windows Mobile 6.5 Configuring), MCITP (Exchange 2007), MCSD (Web Apps)
But I am still able to install a Linux server, and the rest of the letters in LAMP, so I’m not religious about my technology choices. Just selective 😉

I dabble in coding from time to time as well (as evidenced by some of my articles), but this is mostly recreational.

If there’s something directly relating to my articles I do read all comments, and reply if relevant. (Currently I have to approve the first comment you make, and from there on you’ve got auto-approval, but it does mean your comment may not show up immediately.)

If there’s anything else I can be reached at andreas<at>mobilitydojo