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I get email requests every now and then about the inner workings of my EAS MD utility, and if the source is available. Of course the source code is technically speaking available to me, but I’ve never made it public. It’s not that I’ve hidden any dark secrets in it, or the code is so magical that I need to keep it to myself. I’ve tried to help people with their Exchange-related issues, and I have no problems sharing code fragments, but the whole Visual Studio solution ready for compilation has never left my "datacenter".

The response I’ve given so far is a variant of "it’s on my backlog of things to do". Which sounds like a lame excuse for "can’t be bothered"…

Well, I guess I have to force myself into another mode, and move it closer to the top of the list 🙂

So, my intent is to actually go open-source with it in the near future. I’ll be pushing it to GitHub as soon as I’ve cleaned up it up a little. The code isn’t that awful (I hope), but I should probably do things like upgrading the .Net version of it as well.

This means you can’t download it right now, but it will be available on this address soon:

3 thoughts on “Open-sourcing EAS MD”

  1. Andreas, this is great news. The EASMD has been a great tool for me.

    Any chance you could share how you are making the http request for us now? Are you using a .net object or simply using cURL? I am trying to write a synthetic check against TMG publishing EAS which works against a CAFE but fails against a TMG using cURL.


  2. Everything in EAS MD is done in .Net. But the calls made are plain HTTP in the GET, POST and OPTIONS variety. (Not RESTful, but “old school” hypertext.) So, they should be possible to perform from pretty much any platform. Been a while since I used cURL (since I use Windows most of the time), but it should be possible.

    Do you have any more details on the part that is failing? I’ve tested EAS through TMG a bunch of times with EAS MD so I’m guessing/hoping that the utility isn’t the problem per se, but you’re possibly trying to fix a scenario not implemented by EAS MD?

    Unfortunately I can’t copy-paste code into the comment section because then the blog engine will strip off what it deems to be harmful characters which makes code way harder to read (read: you have to guess where braces and stuff goes). You are of course free to drop me a line if you want to describe things in more detail, and I’ll be happy to share.

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