EAS Web API – Status 28. February

Another month, another release. At least I’m keeping it alive I guess 🙂

No big things this time either:
– I rolled up NuGet updates.
– I changed return types from List<x> to IHttpActionResult (as I mentioned last month I might do). Haven’t gone async yet since I want to go over the rest to see it’s “proper” async if I go that route, but it’s a start.
Nothing magic comes of this as such, but it lends itself to cleaner REST-like behaviour with

return Ok(items);

instead of

return items;

(Silly example I suppose – maybe

return InternalServerError(); 

is a better example.)
– Cleaned up some return values; so for instance instead of an empty JSON object "[]" when no results are found HTTP 204 (No Content) is returned.
– Started implementing the “SendMail” command (not completed yet).

I was made aware of an issue with my conversion from XML to JSON when it comes to contacts. It seems there are cases when the Contact objects are not serialized correctly on my end, so it ends up with a mixing attributes from one contact with another… Yeah, you could indeed call that a nice little bug. So, I’m going over the code there to see what I’m not doing right. (Probably something minor, but my XML parsing isn’t what you would call optimal.) I don’t know yet if this is something impacting other item types as well.

As usual the code is on http://easweb.codeplex.com
and the test site is on https://easweb.azurewebsites.net

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