EAS Web API – Status 31. January

Fairly minor update this time (as well). Visual Studio 2013 Update 1 was just released, and with it a couple of upgrades to the usual suspects in NuGet.

So I’ve done all NuGet updates including Web API 2.1 and MVC 5.1. (Bunch of other related ones to of course like jQuery, etc., but they’re pretty much the same with my limited UI.)

I’ve also enabled XML documentation generation for the API Help Page. If you open the solution in Visual Studio it’ll spit out about 80 warnings that not all public classes and methods are documented, and I might get around that by just stubbing out something to make it stop complaining. In the meantime I have documented the API controllers, which looks nicer even though they feel mostly self-explanatory.

I haven’t documented the properties of the items returned as these are in a different solution (and as such wouldn’t be included anyways even if I did decorate them). I’m considering whether I should add a ViewModel on top of the models though.

I was looking into Attribute Routing as well, since I’ve been quite happy with that technique in a different project I’ve been hacking on. But it seemed to be better to combine that with some other restructuring. (Going with public async Task<IHttpActionResult> instead of public List<x> perhaps? Although documentation works better if you know the exact type of object you get in return. Hmm…)

As usual the code is on http://easweb.codeplex.com
and the test site is on https://easweb.azurewebsites.net

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