Handling the Fragmentation of Exchange ActiveSync

If you have worked with mobile devices for some time, and played around with a couple different operating systems and device models you will surely have been annoyed at one point finding out that the device manufacturer’s opinion of what constitutes “support for Exchange” is not the same as your definition.

I’m sure the Exchange Server team at Microsoft has noticed this as well, and while I don’t know exactly what they are thinking, I’m sure they must be feeling a little frustrated at ActiveSync implementations that reflect badly on the Exchange product. And now they are taking steps to handle it – yay!

As described over at the team blog:
Microsoft is now introducing a certification program where device manufacturers can get a “Microsoft stamp of approval” that their client meets a minimum of what is expected from an Exchange ActiveSync client. (Check the page for the details.)

I hope they will be adding more requirements, for instance device encryption, which they might do when Windows Phone 7 would be able to be compliant with such a requirement Smile They are stating the program will evolve, so maybe they’ll have “Standard” and “Enterprise” levels of certification in the future.

I don’t know exactly how this will be handled going forward, but let’s hope this means we can feel more confident when unboxing a new device that it will be something you can rely on for your email needs on the go.

Unfortunately I don’t believe my EAS-MD utility (http://mobilitydojo.net/downloads) will qualify for the logo though Smile

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