MobilityDojo Goes International

According to Google Analytics there are people all over the world visiting this site, and that is of course something I find fascinating. But such is the nature of the Internet – if I find an interesting web site I hardly ever think about where it’s located.

While English is not my native language I have chosen English for this site as I believe that will enable me to potentially reach a large number of people. (I know there’s the possibility that some things are “lost in translation”, and I know I’m not being consistent as to whether I’m using British or American English, and it’s probably not on the same level as a native speaker. But I still think it works out nicely enough.)

This unfortunately does not cater to everyone out there, and I do not have the resources to run a multi-language site.

If you happen to be more comfortable with Russian than English there is however the possibility to read some of my articles in Russian now courtesy of Alexey Vatutin who runs He runs a site about MDM much like my self, and can also be spotted on the Microsoft forums helping out with Exchange and SCMDM. He has some great articles on his own, but has also gotten permission to translate some of my articles. So if you happen to be fluent in Russian you should check out his site.

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