Exchange ActiveSync MD Goes 1.0 And RTW

Remember my little utility for testing Exchange ActiveSync? That I released a beta of months ago. That sort of went off the radar afterwards? Yeah, me too. Well, it took longer than expected to follow up that release. But I needed to distance myself from it to be able to take a look at it with fresh eyes, and re-evaluate my own code. I had to re-think a couple of approaches I was using, as well as doing some more QA (testing).

I also was a bit unsure as to whether I should wait for Exchange 2010 Service Pack 1 as well. Guess that worked itself out though 🙂

Anyways – here is a new version that I dare to call a release without the beta tag affixed to it. Oh, there’s probably still bugs, but it should be feature complete and working in general. I just hope any bugs are minor.

Changes? A few:
– I added the possibility to emulate a remote wipe. It will obviously not wipe the desktop it’s running on, but it will acknowledge that a wipe was issued and you’ll get a notification on email that it was executed.
– Compatibility with Exchange 2007 RTM & SP1/2/3 and Exchange 2010 RTM & SP1.
Note that as far as ActiveSync goes it is the same protocol version (12.1) on all Service Pack levels on Exchange 2007.
– Added more status codes/explanations as well as a link to the complete list.
List updated to protocol version 14.1.
– Bug fixes… a lot of them…You could in some cases end up in some error loops you never got out of if your server wasn’t allowing non-provisionable devices, but I think those issues are resolved now.
– I added a tab called “Device Information”. This is the kind of info you can find in the device details in OWA. The contents of this tab are only reported back to the server if you are using Exchange 2010 SP1 and provision the device. (A change in the EAS-protocol means you can’t do a provision without reporting this info at the same time, so I basically use it primarily to be able to fake the application of security policies. That took a bit of byte fiddling to get right…)
Looks like this:

Not very exciting but here’s some updated screenshots:

Device Information

Get the new version, throw away the old, and tell all your friends about it!

3 thoughts on “Exchange ActiveSync MD Goes 1.0 And RTW”

  1. Hey guy, Thanks for making this tool. It is really an excelent helper when testing out EAS issues. One thing I would like is the ability to enter a password for the client certificate. Win 7 will not export a key without a password. I applaud their nod to secure cert handling. It is making using your tool a bit tough. I’m digging through the certutil options to see if I can do what openssl can. Just thought it would be handy if your interface could accept the key password.

  2. It’s a good practice that you need to protect the private key with a password, but I never gave it much thought that Windows 7 enforces this. But in my testing I’ve used .cer files that do not contain the private key, and I’m still able to connect to the server. (The private key isn’t sent to the server anyways.) But I might have misconfigured something server-side of course. What kind of error are you seeing when you try to connect? Is it something indicating failed authentication? Are you connecting directly to Exchange or through a reverse proxy?
    The method calls I use to add the client certificates probably have parameters for handling passwords as well, so it should be possible to add this if necessary.

  3. I have added support for password protected pfx files in my dev build. I’ll hopefully have a new public build out soon which will let you handle this scenario.

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