DojoCrypt – Windows Mobile Standard Edition

While it’s starting to become quite a while since I published DojoCrypt for enabling the built-in encryption on Windows Mobile Professional I’ve had a couple requests along the way to build a version for Windows Mobile Standard as well. So far I haven’t invested much energy in creating that since my experience is that the Standard devices are far less common than the touch-based Professional devices and I didn’t want to invest re-creating the GUI for those devices. (You are free to call me lazy if you will.)

It has certainly taken me some time to get around to it, but I thought “what the heck let’s see how much work it really is”, and so I bring you something to use on WM 6.1/6.5 Standard. It works the same way as the Pro version with a few changes – the most obvious being a slightly different interface since you can’t tap the screen.

I’ve not included the ability to add inclusions/exclusions at the moment. I might add that later if I see it being necessary. It’s not “difficult” to include, but I’m not sure how user-friendly this can get on a Standard device…

Another thing you might notice with this version is that Standard devices are more often than the Pro devices locked-down (so-called Two-tier mode) which would prevent you from using this application as it has not been signed with a trusted privileged certificate. Not much I can do about that really (you would need to unlock your device).



Bugs? You know where to file them 🙂

One thought on “DojoCrypt – Windows Mobile Standard Edition”

  1. Andreas,

    I’ll update you if the Exit error happens again. I’m trying to get my hand on a device with an official WM6.5Std ROM to see how it works. I think there’s something in the WM6.5Std ROM that is causing DE to function incorrectly.
    Thanks again for all the effort!

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