A Couple of Design Changes to MobilityDojo.net

This isn’t exactly newsworthy, but if you’re a frequent flyer on this site you’ll notice that the design has changed ever so slightly. I upgraded the theme, and re-arranged a couple of page elements. While it’s still very similar to the old design, it feels a little bit fresher to my eyes.

Now, if I just moved around a few labels I probably would not have bothered writing up a post. The main thing that has changed is that I’ve now added a banner ad, and thus many would consider this as cluttering up the design. (I don’t know if there’s someone who considers it selling out in general to use advertising.)

I know the feeling. And it’s an experiment I’m doing. Does it make the site less appealing? Maybe. Do you just mentally block it out and ignore it? Maybe. (I tried to not make it ovecr the top flashy.) Why did I put a GoDaddy ad there specifically? Well, and don’t take this as me putting on my marketing hat; I’m really happy with the SSL certificates they offer. I use them both at home and work – they work on pretty much all devices I test, and they cost a fraction of a VeriSign certificate. Might not be the right choice for everyone, but works for me. So while I agree that it’s still an ad, it is at least a product I can recommend. With Google ads I’d have less control, and would probably need to generate way much more traffic to get any noteworthy amount paid out. (If GoDaddy pays off I do not know either of course.)

I did not start this site to make big money. And I’m making good on that premise so far 🙂 Web hosting doesn’t cost all that much, and there’s no doubt the main investment is the amount of hours I put into it. Not much up-front cost in other words. The other cost is the hardware I use to test/develop and document my articles and utilities on. And I’m the kind of guy who would undoubtedly have a computer or four at my home whether I’m running this site or not 🙂 I could of course make do with even more gadgets and stuff in my lab.

I might perform a few other minor tweaks the next couple of days too, so don’t worry if it looks a little different one day, or there’s a new page or something.

I’ve also contemplated adding a PayPal donation button for those who feel like giving. (Does it make me sound needy? It would be completely optional.) Don’t worry though – I’m not going out of business, and I’m not changing this to a commercial site. If you enjoy my work please continue doing so.

I’m open for input, and feel free to post your thoughts in the comment field or ping me.

This service announcement was brought to you by the benevolent host of MobilityDojo.net 😀

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