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I promised a few days ago that I’d tidy up some code and release the certificate enroller utility. So here it is; in a cab file and ready for consumption.

Since I covered most aspects in my previous article I’ll keep this short.

I am aware that my naming convention for my small utilities is rather dull. They all start with “Dojo”-something, and while it is easy to relate to the site name it still leaves something to be desired. But I haven’t figured out any other grand naming scheme yet, so we’ll have to live with it in the meantime 🙂

By default the “User” template will be used in the request. If you want to use another template you can change this by setting it in the following registry key:
No guarantee that other templates will work, but that’s better left as an exercise to the reader. (See no reason it wouldn’t work unless you require features not supported by Windows Mobile.)

I have tested this application against a W2K3 Enterprise CA. I was going to test it against W2K8 Enterprise as well, but ran into some other snags there, and I’ll probably have to reinstall that CA before I can test again.

This application does not require your device to be enrolled to SCMDM or an MDM solution. It can be used on “plain” devices. But keep in mind that the root certificate needs to be trusted before it will work. And the certificate will be validated so the host name needs to match the subject name of the certificate on the CA. I probably could have overridden this in the utility, but I feel that sort of defies the purpose of an application like this.

Hit the download link here:

2 thoughts on “DojoCert – Certificate Enroller”

  1. Again, A very nice utility Andreas.. Wondering if you could also embed the root certificate somehow as well when the .CAB file is installed.. Thus you could have a workable certificate chain just like enrolled devices in SCMDM.. 🙂

  2. The thought did cross my mind, but I made it a priority to do a working release first even if it was a limited feature set. There’s always the possibility of adding more features later 🙂 There are some other features I’m looking into as well, so we’ll se what I’m able to work out.

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