Welcome to MobilityDojo.net

So, this would be the obligatory first post to this new blog of mine. My goal with this blog is to provide information regarding solutions for mobility. We’re talking about solutions like Windows Mobile, Microsoft Exchange (the mobility parts of it), Device Management, etc. It can be how-to articles/tutorials, it can be general technical articles, or just random thoughts and musings on subjects.

My motivation for doing this is that I work as a Systems Architect at a company providing mobility solutions. I find this position to be both fun and challenging, and would like to share experiences learned on this site.

I’m aware that the design of the site isn’t optimized at the moment, but I’m working on it and will probably do some tweaks to make it look more polished.

Without further ado we start it off with an article on how to customize the Welcome Center feature in Windows Mobile 6.1

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